March 16, 2012

March 8, 2011

I haven’t posted here for a long time, and can’t see myself doing it in the future, so I think I’ll put this blog to sleep (I’ll leave it up, just won’t pretend that I’m ever going to post again). If you liked it, you might like these places where I write: Practical information architecture [...]
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July 1, 2010

Useit.Com: Useit.Com: The Power of Defaults. Users rely on defaults in many other areas of user interface design. For example, they rarely utilize fancy customization features, making it important to optimize the default user experience, since that's what most users stick to.
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July 21, 2009

Just all kinds of busy. Best way is to keep up is...
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December 5, 2008

If you’re a member of the AIGA and in New York, you might enjoy a fun little breakfast gathering planned for Tuesday, January 13, 2009… Redesigning the RFP response Maybe you’ve gotten one: the RFP that asks for mountains of miraculous work, for no money, delivered in 20 minutes. Or the one for a project so boring [...]
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November 26, 2008

Niti has an intriguing post including this quote describing service for the Nokia 1202: the new devices will allow users to set up an e-mail account on Nokia’s Ovi Web portal without ever going near a PC. That’s an important distinction for the millions of mobile-phone users who live in regions without reliable electricity, much less [...]
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November 20, 2008

Not long I was talking to a project manager who was writing her first request for proposal, explaining the common wisdom on budget disclosure: “You’ll want to give them a ballpark idea of what your budget is without telling them your actual budget; agencies will sometimes configure the work to take all the money on [...]
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November 19, 2008

So we all know that at the heart of creativity lie constraints. And one constraint I love is money. I thought of this today as I read about a friend’s company who spent “tens of thousands of dollars” on legal fees just for their domain name. Maybe that was money well spent, but from personal [...]
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November 18, 2008

To catch you up, Motrin posted the below ad and people, particularly baby-carrying mothers, were so offended that the makers of Motrin pulled the ad. Many of the offended people (”Motrin Moms” there were dubbed) were on Twitter, as well as blogs and YouTube. As a result, marketers are starting to get scared of social media, [...]
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Stuart Candy, researcher at the Hawaii Research Center for Futures Studies and research fellow of The Long Now Foundation, asked me a few questions about tangible futures and published the interview on his blog. While I’m more focused on near-term concept design these days, it was helpful for me to reflect on why and how [...]
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November 12, 2008

…not really, unfortunately. But that was the headline on a “special edition” of the “New York Times” today. The credibility was in question from the start, as the paper was handed out free at the subway which is never the case with the Times. The production is quite accurate, but a quick glance at the [...]
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October 29, 2008

We’re pleased as punch to partner with our good friend Lou Rosenfeld at Rosenfeld Media to offer you Future Practice Webinars. Our first two events are Modern Web Form Design with Luke Wroblewski and Using Mental Models for Tactics and Strategy with Indi Young. When we created them we wanted to accomplish two things: Provide a forum [...]
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October 27, 2008

That’s right, Alex Osborn started popularizing brainstorming in the late 1930’s. It’s a classic tool I still use, but I have to wonder if there’s something better. Brainstorming is simple, and I would bet this simplicity is the key to its popularity. Yet even the basic rules that Osborn set out aren’t very common. Brainstorming [...]
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October 17, 2008

There was a New York City IxDA event at Roundarch last night that challenged 10 teams of designers to invent the portable electronic ink magic paper of the future. In addition to the usual functional stuff, fun ideas emerged like using it as a yoga mat, a DDR mat, or modules that could be connected [...]
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October 13, 2008

Designers often ask this question. Sometimes I think the question arises from a genuine desire to be doing something else which is more strategic in nature, and sometimes I think what is being asked is, how can I convince or influence others to do things my way? The answer might be the same or it might [...]
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October 11, 2008

This isn’t new, but I just came across Deep Zoom from MS. It’s based on their Seadragon technology, and it requires Silverlight. Check out the Hard Rock Cafe collection of memorabilia. Combined with a faceted navigation on the left, you can really move around the items quite quickly. And because these are photos, you immediately see [...]
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October 4, 2008

Tagging, in general, leverages natural language. You tag as you would normally speak or use language in every-day life. And that’s a strength of tagging–one that makes it popular and scalable and usable and all that good stuff. Why, then, don’t all tagging system use comma-separated tagging input mechanisms? There is nothing natural about these tags–either [...]
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Aufgrund der positiven Resonanz und zahlreicher Nachfragen veranstaltet NetFlow zwei Workshops mit mir auch in 2009. Die Workshops werden auf Deutsch gehalten. 26. Januar 09 - Workshop I: “Prinzipien der Informationsarchitektur“ 27. Januar 09 - Workshop II: “Elemente des Navigationsdesigns“ Siehe auch den Flyer (PDF 64KB). Die Teilnehmer Anzahl ist begrenzt. Du kannst dich online anmelden.        [...]
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This isn’t exactly new, but I wanted to post on it anyway. Library Thing is trying to get an open-source-like project for classification for to replace Dewey going. It’s called the Open Shelves Classification. Back in my library days, I might have joined in–but not now. There is a forum for the project on Library Thing, [...]
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October 3, 2008

A friend is contracting with a design firm for work that will include web analytics, so I asked my colleague and expert Marko Hurst for resources that would provide a gentle introduction, mostly from a marketing perspective. He recommends: Web Analytics Demystified — A bit more technical, but not a tech book geared for someone who [...]
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