January 8, 2014

Always thought service design and UX design were close cousins. "We hear plenty of talk about the power of design. It is a very pragmatic discipline. Look around you, nearly everything you touch has been designed. For this particular scenario, design attempts to ask (and answer) questions such as: what should the customer experience be like? What should the employee experience be like? How does a company maintain a consistent brand essence and stay relevant to its customers? How might we take the principles of design and stretch them to examine the intangibles?" (C. Todd Lombardo a.k.a. @iamctodd ~ jaxenter)
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As long as we have content, we have metadata. "Here's something about taxonomies that might surprise you: they're not just for librarians anymore. Taxonomies were once a niche concept - useful but complex structures tackled only by the most hearty of information managers in sprawling databases. The past few years have seen taxonomies demystified and 'rebranded' as powerful yet approachable tools for anyone with an interest in making content easier to find and use. One of the most popular applications of taxonomy to come out of this renaissance is taxonomy-driven publishing." (Stephanie Lemieux a.k.a. @stephlemieux and Michele Ann Jenkins a.k.a. ~ UIE)
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January 6, 2014

Differentiation of the UX field into multiple roles: customers, patients, citizens and kids. "Designing for kids is a unique and challenging situation for any UX professional. While many principles and practices span across all ages, there are many issues which arise exclusively when dealing with children. In this introductory article we'll look at kids and the specific issues that they bring about. We'll also examine some guidelines, constraints, and considerations that you should take into account when designing UX for kids." (Justin Smith a.k.a. @xenoabe ~ webdesign tuts plus)
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When is still was HCI, it was called a science. Now, it's an art. "User experience is an art form of its own. You never can predict for certain how your site or app will be perceived. What you can do is arm yourself with the tools to make informed decisions about UX in the design process." (Carrie Cousins a.k.a. @carriecousins ~ Design Shack)
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Believe it or not, humans are still cognitive animals. "The total cognitive load, or amount of mental processing power needed to use your site, affects how easily users find content and complete tasks." (Kathryn Whitenton ~ Nielsen Norman Group)
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December 19, 2013

Embedding UX capabilities in the enterprise is a major challenge for the field. "The biggest barrier I've seen to using UX in a firm is often simple lack of knowledge of what UX can deliver. (...) An integrated internal UX team is critical to organizational success, and the stakes are higher in larger enterprises. An internal practice that builds lasting relationships, provides thought leadership, and acts as trusted advisors provides long-lasting value to the firm. As the digital space becomes increasingly human-centric, and organizations evolve offerings around consumer need, the internal user experience agency plays a significant part in delivering both short term wins as well as long term success." (Stephen Turbek a.k.a. @Stephenturbek ~ Boxes and Arrows)
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December 17, 2013

Formal education and curriculums of design for UX, interaction or information architecture has been a neglected area for years. "For the inaugural event, we brought together 25 people interested in education to listen to provocations from educators within different contexts and then to workshop around those same provocations. Although the outcomes were not as I had hoped, I do think it was a successful and well-timed event. I didn't even know that the hosts of the next year's Interaction conference were already thinking along the same lines and wanted to lead their own initiative. So we coupled our talents together to help prepare this year's event with lessons learned from the previous year and we have prepared an amazing single-day event for people interested in the intersection of education and interaction design around the world." (Dave Malouf a.k.a. @daveixd ~ Core77)
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December 16, 2013

Great collection of content when you haven't attend the event in Cardiff. "Service Design is the application of design practice to the other 80% of the economy. It demands new skills, tools and techniques, perhaps even a rethinking of what we mean by design itself. Designing product service systems and the business models that enable them, means crossing boundaries between design disciplines, business and technology. It means changing the processes and practices not only of designers but how firms innovate and organize themselves. This isn't easy as we share different working practices and cultures, but, it's essential, for service designers, if we are to collaborate or even lead innovation. Innovative service systems can create rich and integrated customer experiences -- delivering real social and economic value, opportunities for self-expression, and bring meaning to peoples' lives, as well as to the world we share." (Service Design Network 2013 conference videos and presentations)
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February 25, 2013

My youngest showed me a bookmark that listed the 20 Texas Bluebonnet nominated books. “Mom, I’m going to read all 20 of these books,” he said. Needless to say, I did cartwheels and back flips in my mind. (The only place it can happen as I haven’t done a decent cartwheel since the ’80s.) A [...]
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December 18, 2012

When I had thumb surgery in 2008, I invested in voice recognition software to try to get work done. I spent most of the time fighting and correcting the Dragon Naturally Speaking. The one good thing that came out of the maddening experience was this funny speech-to-text software post. Despite having little hope in software [...]
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December 13, 2012

My daughter and I went to her elementary school — where her little brother was a third grader — for the senior reception. Every year, the elementary schools hold senior receptions inviting all the graduating seniors to visit old friends and connect with their former teachers. Even the parents reconnected. I hadn’t seen some since [...]
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June 1, 2012

There is 1 feature in your current product that you could take out today, without any negative consequence at all. Taking it out will make maintenance and software evolution, technical debt, support, and probably even the user experience better. It will make your codebase more maintainable. It will make everyone happier. You added that feature [...]
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I suddenly understood: the new blogging is BETTER than the old blogging. Twitter, Facebook etc., that’s for links and quickies. Blogging is for deep thinking, well written essays etc. (And for news blogs etc.) That’s what I enjoy reading, and I think that’s what I’ll try to be blogging then. Firing up LiveWriter!
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