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October 13, 2005

I forgot to mention it at the time (Damian didn't), but we recently hacked up a bbc backstage browser as a fun way to mess around with open data, in this case TV and Radio Listings. (I should say many others have also done this but afaik we're the on...
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September 30, 2005

Here's an interesting paper on folksonomy from Scott Golder & Bernardo Huberman at HP Labs (although they eschew the f-word and prefer the term 'collaborative tagging'). It's basically a statistical analysis on bookmarks (a 72 hour ti...
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August 3, 2005

One hoary old example we tend to use in the semantic web is "the difference between silicon chips and potato chips'. How would you do this on google? Well you'd probably add disambiguating words (like, er potato). Doing that sort of thing with photos l...
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August 2, 2005

One thing I haven't talked about so much is the facet that we are taking the ideas laid out my my ACM semantic blogging paper and applying them inside HP. To do this, I have recruited Paolo Castagna (one of the creators of the PlatypusWiki) to HP Labs ...
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