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How things change

I've been out of the Information field for several years, and I'm just coming back to it now. I started an MLS in 1993 but had to stop in 1994 for health reasons. Recently though, I began looking into going back and in essence, starting a Master's in Information from scratch.

I'm fascinated by the growth of blogs and blogging. Many of the people who blog about a specific topic are information specialists in their own right. There is a simply staggering amount of information out there on the Internet. I think about it and wonder about the best tools to find it all. Already I have scads and scads of links that I want to add to my blog, sites I want to follow, and I've only been reading and researching and thinking about this for the last two months.

It seems that serendipity plays a huge part in finding information these days, whether in traditional web pages or in blogs. Sure, you can do a search in Google, or Yahoo which search and/or index mainly traditional web sites or even Daypop, which searches only news sites and weblogs, and chances are you'll find some information about the topic at hand. But, there's a good chance that you'll miss some wonderful sites simply because they aren't in a directory. Something I've started doing is checking and each day, clicking on a blog I've never read before, just to expose myself to new viewpoints.

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