Today, More Than Ever: The Lost Chapter of The Inmates Are Running the Asylum

Alan Cooper has released an unpublished chapter from his book The Inmates Are Running the Asylum, in which he discusses how the replacement of nearly every business process with computer-intermediaries has changed the way we interact with businesses. The following quotes show how Cooper makes the case for Interaction Design/Information Architecture as a necessary part of re-humanizing these interactions.

The great promise of the information age is that computers help us to do everything. The great tragedy of the information age is that computers obstruct everything we do.

Interaction Design is the process that gives businesses the help they need to bring human values and scale back into business communications. Approaching the design problem from a human point-of-view, rather than from a technical one, softens the behavior of software, reducing the rudeness, complexity and inappropriate actions of software. ... Today, more than ever, Interaction Design is vital to the success of modern business.