Search: Visible and simple

Jakob Nielsen's Search: Visible and Simple claims that "The best designs offer a simple search box on the home page and play down advanced search and scoping. ". Nielsen says, "Advanced search: Not [on the home page] and Scoped search: Maybe?" Is it really all that simple? I've read the Nielsen/Norman Group Search Report and I have to say that when reading articles such as the above, it is increasingly important to realize that the sites that Nielsen makes recommendations for are mostly retail/commerce sites where the subject scope of data that is searchable is relatively small. Apply these recommendations to large content sites like digital libraries and information sites that are gateways to numerous databases and it becomes difficult to make a one-size-fits-all search form satisfy a broad range of user needs. [p.s. Ugh. Did he really use "delimitated" in that article? That's about as elegant as using "orientated". Why not use "delimited" like the rest of the well spoken world?]