How would you like to view iaslash?

I looked at the feedback from online opinion -- you provide feedback using that flashing dhtml arrow in the lower right corner of the screen -- and it appears that some purists take issue with the gray background color/white text theme used on iaslash. While iaslash also provides alternate "themes", e.g. 1) white background/black text theme 2) gray background/white text (the default), and 3) gray background/white text, 3-column -- only registered users can set this option. You would set it via the "Preferences" link in the global nav. Incidentally, if you register, you also have the option of receiving a weekly email digest. But, since some users prefer not to register, I am posting a poll on the home page where you can vote for the theme you want as the default: gray bgcolor or white bgcolor. And the winner will be the default. I will take the poll down at the end of the week. -M