Revisit for you Nielsen bashers: Clay Shirkey's open letter to Jakob Nielsen

[from Clay Shirkey's site circa January 1999]

I just wanted to post this for the silly people who complain there is too much Nielsen on this site, and don't bother to read my comments which have equally fallen on the positive and negative side. I'm really just trying to report the relevant stuff that gets published. Can I help it if the guy is so prolific? Anyway, back in 1999, Clay Shirkey took issue with Nielsen on the issue of usability. Should be a fun read if you haven't already read it. Clay says in the letter, "Jakob believes that the

prevalence of bad design on the Web is an indication that the current

method of designing Web sites is not working and should be replaced or

augmented with a single set of design conventions. I believe that the

Web is an adaptive system and that the prevalence of bad design is how

evolving systems work."