Ilor: Google in a new skin

The NY Times has an article about ILOR, a new site which tries to add some features to Google. The significant difference in using ILOR as your front end to Google is the contextual menu which shows up (for Javascript enabled browsers only) when you mouse over one of the hits returned on a query. The menu gives you the following options: 1) put int my list, which spawns a small window that shows the links you put in your temporary list, 2) go now --anchor here, which loads the link in the current browser window and spawns a window with a link back to your search results, 3) open in taskbar, which opens the link in a window behind the ilor window, and 4) open in new window, opens the link in a new window so the result page is left open. While they bill this as "the most user friendly search engine in the world", I found a few things a little jarring and nonintuitive. First, The taskbar thing didn't make sense to me. I was thinking it would open in a window with a frame linking back to my results, sort of the way does it. I've never seen a case where someone would want to open a window behind the current window. Just seems counter to what I expected. I was also a bit confused by the little icons that appear if you collapse/minimize the ILOR menu by clicking the down arrow to the lower left. I struggled to remember what the 4 options were so I could map them to the 4 icons shown. If these icons were shown on the expanded menu, I may have been better able to remember what they stood for. It would help to also have ALT tags or something that explain what each icon does in the minimized view. Probably the most interesting use I found was the ability to add all of the links in your temporary list to your IE Favorites. I should note, that in my brief tests, ILOR did not work for Opera 5 in Linux and the temporary list only showed up as a non-editable list in Netscape without the ability to add to your Netscape Bookmarks. Finally, I viewed their demo to see how well my expectations matched the functionalities of the site. Once I figured out that holding the cursor over the link did something, I was able to figure out most of the sites functionality. For my time, I think I will stick with Google.