Wireless video is about to arrive-so what do you do with it?

Business 2.0 is running a story about the coming of video for wireless devices. At present, video quality is pokey at best because of wireless trasmission rates of 9.6Kbps to 14.4Kbps. But for some people, that may be enough for some simple applications like Nanny and traffic cams. Cliff Raskind, director of global wireless practice at industry research firm Strategy Analytics believes that even with advanced compression techniques, "more compelling uses won't fly at low speeds. So, until planned network upgrades kick in, demand for wireless video will be low and concentrated in a few specialized areas. "We're not going to have wide-scale adoption [at low speed],"." As with the Web, I expect some vector type format for motion graphics will make it to wireless devices first. I'm wondering what kind of devices will be dreamed up to deliver this kind of media while keeping the small form factor? As with WAP, it seems that companies are still guessing at what the killer app for this technology will be.