Usability: making it pay discussed in the Carbon IQ Log

While looking for a suitable test subject for the upcoming IAslash bookmarklet, I found Noel talking about Lisa Chan's recent quest for IA cost-justification. And since Lisa got some of her stuff from me, narcissism compels me to try and post it (of course, I'm really only testing the bookmarklet ;)


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Hurray it worked

Well, narcissism aside, I'm looking forward to providing a tool to make it easier to contribute to IAslash...

Gentle Reader (that's you) - Would you use a bookmarklet to drop us a line here with the interesting IA things you find in your internet travels? Any suggestions for such a thing?

MT's bookmarklet

Thanks, Jess. You rock.

I love the way Movable Type scripted their bookmarklet. Have you seen that, Jess? If not, let me know and I can set up an example for you.


yep, seen the surface, haven't looked at the code

I'll go take a look later today at the MT bookmarklet...

- J