A nice summary of recent discussions and illustrations that attempt to define the field of Information Architecture is growing like a Chia Pet at IAWiki. Numerous links to keep you busy scratching your IA/ID/UXD head.

Defining Information architecture is a re-occuring theme in all IA forums, and frequently leads to re-naming efforts as well, from information therapist to experience designer.

Arguments dredge up the history of IA, from its birth in database design and RichardSaulWurman's first coinage of the term to its development in the hands of LouisRosenfeld and PeterMorville. Arguments get lost in job descriptions [1] and cries of "that's not what I do!" Arguments get wild with dreams of grandeur, leading to hopes of creating a position of CXO. Arguments go round and round until they lose steam.

This page is dedicated to that ongoing struggle.