Dreaming of hyperlinks

Lou, in his field of dreams, discusses hyperlinks with peterme and jjg.

The humble hyperlink is really quite a useful string of text. It's not unlike a user's search query. In fact, it often stands in for a user's query. And, if I can use the term loosely, it's a form of author-supplied indexing. At the same time! And authors are much happier to create links within their content than to index them the old fashioned way. Meaning there are lots of rich links out there that we might take advantage of.


So, if we assume that a link is a query that moves us from Document 'a' to Document 'b', perhaps we can extrapolate, using the same link to create Document Collection 'A' and Document Collection 'B'? Can we use those new collections to create context and reduce ambiguity as we continue our search for that nice string of text embedded in the original link?

I wonder. Has this been done? Doing this (performing searches, essentially, or executing server-side scripted pages that perform searches) with stuff that is indexed already using some scheme (automagic or human produced) is simple enough. Meaning is strung together using indexed terms or concepts. Execute searches on those terms to build pages and links to related stuff using relationships defined in your thesaurus or whatever more technical method you use. I think that is my understanding of Lou's concept. Or could just be my techy bent.

Incidentally, my field of dreams has Carravagio and Siddhartha coming out of the corn to chat. I never dream about hypertext or the web. If we could only communicate without the web, then that would be something. Hell, if we could communicate with the web, that would be something too! And who came up with this term "automagic"? I seem to be using that a lot lately.