Web standards projects goes on hiatus

It seems the problem with web standards is no longer the browsers. This fascinating announcement on the Web Standards Project site states that with current browsers supporting the standards proposed by W3C the problem that exists now is that designers and developers are not working with the medium and the standards of the W3C with forward -- rather than backward -- compatibility in mind. The announcement also indicts clients who confuse the web with print and make unrealistic demands of the medium.

YET IN SPITE of the efforts of the W3C, the browser makers, and a leading–edge minority of designers and developers, most of the web remains a Balkanized mess of non–valid markup, unstructured documents yoked to outdated presentational hacks, and incompatible code fragments that leave many millions of web users frustrated and disenfranchised.

Browser makers are no longer the problem. The problem lies with designers and developers chained to the browser–quirk–oriented markup of the 1990s—often because they don’t realize it is possible to support current standards while accommodating old browsers.