This might interest Mac users.

Scot Hacker talks about leaving the world of BeOS, Windoze and Linux to return to the Mac. I this very long article on OS News, the author of the BeOS Bible compares OS X to BeOS, discusses what was done right and wrong in OS X, and provides several useful links within including the link to Griffin's OS X guide collection.

The story of how a BeOS refugee (and not just everyone, but the author of the 'BeOS Bible' book) lost faith in the future of computing, resigned himself to Windows but found himself bored silly, tore out half his hair at the helm of a Linux box, then rediscovered the joy of computing in MacOSX. Scot Hacker will describe his personal adventures with today's operating systems after he was set out to find an alternative to his beloved (but with no apparent future) BeOS.

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