Tune up your web site for usability

Article by Laura Wonnacott in Enterprise Systems Journal (p. 50), 12/01/2001 (not available on the web).

Here's the secret to selling the principles of Web usability within your organization: a usable application costs less and generates more.


For the past few years, Web development at most companies has been all about build, build, build, and fast. Very little thought and effort have gone into creating usable Web applications. If your company has been one of those in the build mode, I suggest it's now time to fix, fix, fix. Making your applications more usable need not be a costly task. In times of tight budgets, usability improvements can effectively and efficiently deliver to the business.

Usability is directly related to an organization's success--the bottom line. In particular, that means customer retention and acquisition. Simply put, customers return to usable sites. New customers quickly acquaint themselves with and become loyal to usable sites. All the usability chatter these days is actually a very good thing, because usability is critical to the success of an application, a project--and even a company.