A Pair of Ears Beats a Pair of Eyes

Bryan Eisenberg's Clickz article says sound and language might be more effective than imagery in communicating persuasively in advertising.

[T]o say that because we're being buried in visual stuff we're visual beings is like saying because we periodically fill ourselves up with air we're balloons. We aren't nearly as visual as a lot of people like, perhaps need, to assume. The premise that "going visual" is the cure-all for advertising ills is a path to advertising doom.


I feel compelled to respond to some serious misinformation that could cost you money and customers.

The hard fact is that few ads, on- or offline, actually produce any measurable results. Marketers like to cover up this fact by calling it "branding." Remember the recent Nissan TV commercials with G.I. Joe and BARBIE. jumping into his car? It had outstanding viewer recognition, but sales spiraled downward at an incredible pace. That kind of "creative" thinking ignores how the human mind works. And ads that don't respect the workings of the brain are likely to fail.

If we're going to pursue an activity that not only engages the brain but also, hopefully, causes it to motivate a specific action, wouldn't it help to know at least a little about how the brain works?

via Xplane, Xblog