"Identity arises through self-reference."

Lou Rosenfeld delves into the world of building community, and seeks the advice of Cameron Barret (camworld) and Steve Champeon (webdesign-l).

  • Online Community Technologies and Concepts, Cameron Barrett
    In a recent email conversation between Louis Rosenfeld and myself, I put down a lot of my thoughts about online communities. I wrote specifically about reputation management, collaborative filtering, mailing list management, content management systems, and distributed categorization and indexing efforts. Believe it or not all of these things are related.
  • A Conversation with Steve Champeon, Derek Powazek and Steve Champeon
    [B]e sure you know your audience, their expectations and their capabilities. Find the core values around which your community will revolve. Defend them like you would your home or family. In time, they may well become your home and family.