Comment bug killed

Anonymous and registered users can now post comments to iaslash stories. Sorry for the long delay on getting that bug squashed.

Happy new year all! Looking forward to another great year of reading and blogging.


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it seems to be true


I mean it.

tell me about it

Tell me about it! I was pulling my hair out trying to get a CVS version of this application up -- kept getting update errors on the watchdog table when running the mysql table conversions -- when I finally saw that a new maintainence release was put up.

What an ugly month December was for this site. I'm terribly sorry for that. There is still a way to go to make this site usable I fear. It'll get there... I hope.



and I thought I was the only reader?

jibbajabba: Your coverage is so comprehensive, I see no reason to register and add content :).


Please do register and add stories. I'd love to read them. This thing is all about reading and learning for me.