Homepage Improvement

In Darwin, Ten resolutions that will wring more results from your website -- inspired by Nielsen/Tahir, Homepage Usability. Here's the nutshell version:

  1. Don't allow people to e-mail your company if their messages will neither be read nor answered.
  2. Allow customers to establish more direct contact when they need it.
  3. If you sell products directly from your site, look to eliminate as many unnecessary steps as you can.
  4. Find out how long it takes for your Web server to reboot after it crashes.
  5. Stop taxing your customers' patience.
  6. Don't prevent users from grabbing text from your site.
  7. Give people the straight scoop when you ask for their e-mail address.
  8. List actual job titles, salary ranges and descriptions on your "Careers" page.
  9. Make sure your homepage includes a list of the three (or five or 10) most-recently added documents or pages.
  10. Try a dozen searches on your site's search page.