Modifications to iaslash functionalities

Thanks to Julian Bond (voidstar), iaslash has 2 new minor, but useful features.


  • HTML functions (Win/IE) -- When submitting news, or entering text into any form textarea on this site, you can click an icon to style text (bold, italic, underline), to format text blocks (lists, blockquotes) and to create links.
  • Remember me (All browsers) -- You can now select a "Remember me" checkbox that keeps your login active as long as your browser remains open (I think). Previously, we were using session variables, so your login would time out pretty quickly -- Drupal does this by default.

Hopefully these features will entice some of my friends out there to add a story or two if they find something worth reading. Thanks Julian for your great work. You rock.


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Events calendar

Julian also has an events calendar module. Thinking about installing that one.