Just Beyond Our Windows

Coverage of future computer interfaces including Galertner's Mirror World and Microsoft's 3D Data Mountain in this LA Times article. Apparently, the future interface is a three dimensional view of a chronological stream of data. This vision of the future interface, told by Daniel Robbins of Microsoft is curious.

"We would imagine that the system would, when you first encounter the computer of the future, somehow in an unobtrusive and hopefully fun way, assess your spatial abilities and the kinds of view you would want to live in," Robbins said.

"One person might have a metaphor that looks like a forest," he said. "Someone else might have a more abstract metaphor that would approximate living inside a Kandinsky painting with just abstract geometry that you personally have assigned meaning to. The space should really be tuned to the user."

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yeah right.

I'm so sure. None of this gobbledegook will come to pass. MS isn't really interested in this 'unobtrusive and fun' stuff at all. They simply won't be developing stuff like this as long as enterprise and business-wide software continues to be where their real money comes from.

Even web browsers, which would easily support more robust visualisations and representations of 'chronological streams of data' haven't gotten around to much more than the History list.

Living inside a Kandinsky painting, honestly.

Like concept cars

...this is stuff that someone fantasizes in R&D and gets dumbed down until nary a useful feature is left. Galertner's view is perhaps more realistic.

A forest! Like the dark one Hansel and Gretel found themselves in, shocked to find that their bread crumbs had been eaten by birds. That's how I might experience this Microsoft "innovation".