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Most site maps fail to convey multiple levels of the site's information architecture. In usability tests, users often overlook site maps or can't find them. Complexity is also a problem: a map should be a map, not a navigational challenge of its own.


[W]e strongly recommend having a clear link to the site map on every page. Call the link Site Map.

Keep them simple, and emphasize a compact overview of the information space.

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Like lost in a city...

A rule of thumb I adhere to: if a site requires a map, then the site inherently has poor navigation.

If a site map is used -> improve navigation -> need a site map? return to step two -> remove site map.

Some thoughts

about Nielsen's advice on EH

Or to put it another way..

"Even though all of the study sites had site maps, only 27% of our users turned to the site map when asked to learn about a site's structure."

So that means that, when attempting to find out about the structure of a site, you can address the needs of over a quarter of your users with a single page? You're never going to help everyone in the same way, but that's a lot of people to help at the same time surely.