IA visualization tool

Michael Kopcsak's prototype for a Flash driven Information Architecture visualization tool -- a project created for the Master of Professional Studies program at NYU Tisch.

The tool will function as an elegant and easy to use solution for the difficult task of mapping and documenting complex large-scale site architecture and functional specifications. Through the variable passing and expression building features of Flash 4.0, I will create a front-end experience that allows a user to build a customized interactive presentation without knowing anything about the Flash authoring environment. The prototype will be supported by documentation that will articulate the information architecture and functional specifications used in the development of the concept.

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I was a bit skeptical, but once I saw the tool I found it to be quite neat. There are some things I don't like about it (ironically, I found it very hard to tell exactly what page I was seeing at any point in time, and it'd be nice to have it display more than one little tidbit of information at any one point in time), but I think it is quite promising. I'm not ready to put away my pen and paper yet (yes, I do most of this type of stuff by hand) but I'd love to take it for a test run. Of course, the question is “When do we get to download a copy of this thing and take it for a spin?”


methinks it was just a proof of concept piece. we'll have to see. or perhaps contact Kopcsak about it.