What do you think of categories/subject headings on weblogs?

The development version of Drupal that ia/ is now running does not have Topics implemented as before. This is still being defined by the Drupal team. I'm interested to know what people thought of the use of Topics on ia/ in the past. Did you use them? Did you find them useful?

Please let me know what you thought and if you have any feedback on how to better implement topics on a weblog, I would be interested in hearing that as well. I started a discussion on this topic on the Drupal development site, hoping to take part in steering the direction taken in designing this aspect for the next release.

Please post your feedback here on this site.

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miss the topics list

I miss the topics list -- so handy. So easy to reference.

They'll be back

They'll be back in some form. The development version of Drupal that I'm using doesn' have it implemented yet because we're discussing how it should work.

Topics Rock!

I'm a new ia/ user so I can't say that I missed them, but personally I think topics are great for reference and especially useful when one needs to gather information about a specific topic. It's like the library without the Dewy Decimal System! I use 'em.


I use them too. I was sad to see them disappear when I installed the development version of this software, but am working with the Drupal folks to implement subject headings in a meaningful way -- or at least in a way that I think is meaningful based on my Library and Information Science background.