Boxy theme

Ah, the boxy theme is back. The "Simple" theme is also available if you are logged in.

That Simple theme was just so boring. Thanks, Betsy for reminding me to make the old theme available. Funny now that I think about it. The running motif on this theme are boxes and arrows. That CW article I read a year ago must have seeped into my head lie IA-osmosis as I designed this one.


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thanks for this

IHMO in weblog/slashsites world you themes are the best around. If I remember correctly, I became a regular iaslash reader for looks only (at that time most of the topics were unfamiliar to me).

If we only found a open-source alternative to Bryan Bell :)

thank you

Thank you, whoever you are. I love designing themes. Am thinking of making one of the themes used here available to users of Drupal sites. Will hopefully have that ready some day. I also really like the blogger template/theme that Eric Costello created.

this is me

The secret admirer is me :)

Your'e right about Blogger - they got quality themes too. And I can't wait you'll contribute something classy to Drupal.

Kika -- Kristjan Jansen