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see and show where your visitors come from!

So one of the assertions in Stephen Johnson's excellent book Emergence is that the web alone doesn't show any self-organizing behavior because it's missing feedback, i.e., all the links are one-way.

Anyways. I thought it'd be fun to do an experiment. I put together a very simple set of links that you can insert into your pages to automatically track incoming links and echo them back to people who visit your site. Basically it's automated link-exchanging, but hopefully with more interesting results. There are two steps...

Very cool stuff - I've added the tracer.gif onto the IAwiki already, and hacked a static display page to show that it works. I'll be incorporating this into the site design somehow, I just know it.

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That's cool. Thanks for posting it. I might put that up on ia/. -m

useful too

I'm finding it to be quite useful -- I'm finding new blogs which are pointing to the IAwiki, and naturally enough they are usually IA topical. I'm also getting an insight into what google searches are leading to my site.


There is a discussion on the Drupal mailing list about using the built in referrers database that Drupal runs on the backend and being able to show referrers on public pages rather than just on admin pages.

I like it too as a way of seeing related sites and the Google searches that lead to here. :)