Domain extension usability

Lou discusses the new domain extensions, does some big hypothetical calculating and surmises that we're in for some trouble.

    The cost of not finding information is immeasurable.

    And I'll bet dollars to donuts that the folks responsible for the top-level domains did not hire the services of an information architecture, librarian, or usability engineer to help design and test the scheme.

[I'm going to start indenting quotes because someone suggested that I had a lot of typos and bad grammer in my blogs. I had fun drafting an email back saying that any italicized text is a quote and not my writing. Perhaps I should start [sic]ing typos? I don't think so.]

I also like how he refers to the use of domain extensions as a form of classification. I guess I've thought of that on a very basic level before (.com is supposed to refer to commercial sites, .gov to government and .edu to educational sites.) But we all know that .com is used by anyone for anyone, ditto .org -- so he's right in saying that it is a kludgey solution.