How to Deliver a Report Without Getting Lynched

I was particulary thrilled to read Bruce Toganazzini's Ask Tog on how to tactfully communicate your message. As someone who works with clients and technology people regularly, I often have to react to things that do not cry out user friendliness. When I started out doing information work, often my initial reaction to design requirements and technology implementations that were not user centered was to become defensive on behalf of users, and often the tone of the message was also defensive. A lot of the reactive communication came in the form of reports and informal communication like email. Being more seasoned and more epathetic to the client and technologist motivations is one way to remove the defesive tone. Not taking things so seriously helps too! But better yet is to adopt a professional report writing style in all your communications. Tog's suggestions are valuable pointers for how to write reports that win over your clients and that get them to believe your message. The suggestions are applicable in most areas of professional communication.