A redesign recipe for tough times

A list of suggestions on Lighthouse on the Web for redesigning web sites when money is tight.

    Finding the resources for a redesign takes more work than it used to, though. Increasing economic gloom and well-justified scepticism about IT spending are squeezing site budgets. Even at the wealthiest sites, managers are having to sub-let the in-house massage facilities to insolvency specialists just to fund a few more fancy graphics. How do you redesign in times like these?

While we're on the topic of redesigns. I used the Internet Archive's wayback engine to recall the first design of iaslash that most of my readers seemed to hate, which prompted the redesign of this site to the current state. I quite liked it. Interesting now that I look at it, though. Must have been inspired by dreamless or something. Dark gray was so it in 2000.