Functions of a thesaurus

I was interested in how foreign language descriptors are resolved using a thesaurus and came across Functions of a thesaurus / classification /ontological knowledge base (PDF), a list of functions a thesaurus should provide, written by Dagobert Soergel at the University of Maryland School of Information Studies.

    This reading gives a fairly complete list of functions that should convince anybody of the importance of studying classification. It starts with an overview and then gives details for each major functional area. A list of thesauri / classification schemes at the end illustrates further the practical importance of this topic.

If you are an LIS IA, you probably are familiar with Soergel. He's one of the academicians whose eminence in information science lies in classification. While many of us are diddling around in taxonomy/controlled vocabulary/facet classification musings, there is also a good deal of established practice in the area of knowledge representation/classification literature we should also be digging into. Stuff by Dagobert and Jim Anderson is what I often lean on.