Adobe AlterCast

Adobe enters the CMS fray with AlterCast, their solution for server-based wholesale storage, manipulation and publication of graphic assets. Some coverage on the new application is available at C|Net. There are apparently hooks with Interwoven and Documentum CMS applications.

As Cameron Barrett notes, developers have been using ImageMagick for this purpose for a long time now. You can also use the GD graphics library with PHP. Both of those options are free. Altercast will cost $USD 7500. running on a system with a single CPU. Yikes.

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Altercast - not really CMS.

Altercast works well with CMS systems (very open in the way it can be talked to). The biggest thing is it's intergration with Photoshop 6. You alter photoshop files and output optimised files in a way that is inegrated with whatever environment you are running server side but without the need to open photoshop. Does work with Photoshop 5 files but with 6 it becomes quicker and opens up new options. You pay the money for the power and integration with existing production processes.