Four Easy Steps To Appearing Smarter (Than You Are)

Or how to get promoted to "Manager" in four easy steps.

    The goal behind this painless four-step plan is to seem smarter without having to read any books, listen to classical music, or depend on crutches like word-of-the-day toilet paper. By making a few minor modifications to your behavior, you will give the impression to those around you that you are smarter--not only smarter than you were before, but, more importantly, smarter than they are.

thanks Plastic

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This thing was linked to by e

This thing was linked to by everone. It's not really that funny though, is it? Ha ha, "appear interested, say 'sure' a lot." Hoo.

What's funny is that I've h

What's funny is that I've had experiences with a lot of people who seem to subscribe to this formula without even knowing it.