IA in LIS Schools

ASIS&T Bulletin article from David Robbins. Though defining IA as "the design of user experience for Web-based environments" (broad enough? ;) this article is a good example of traditional organizations trying to adapt to the changing market. Interesting ideas on mapping existing LIS classes to IA skills, and a list of links to some IA course offerings.

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I'm glad you blogged this. I read it last week and noticed that Robbins confused the IT form of IA with the information organization/user experience form when he made this reference:

    For example, both Capitol College and the Illinois Institute of Technology offer an MS in Information Architecture (Capitol College, 2001; Illinois Institute of Technology, 2001). These programs offer a largely technical approach to IA (e.g., networking hardware and software and databases), and stress neither the user experience nor formal approaches to the organization of information as might be done in LIS schools.
This is understandable. This sort of IA job description can be found on Monster/HotJobs/Techies, etc. It's been around longer than our IA/UXD form. He should have consulted some people in the field before he wrote this article. Indeed anyone that's teaching IA in an academic setting would do well to bring some in-field experience into the classroom.