Microsoft Inductive User Interface Guidelines

This Microsoft document is making the rounds on SIGIA.

    This article describes a new user interface model called inductive user interface (IUI). Also called inductive navigation, the IUI model suggests how to make software applications simpler by breaking features into screens or pages that are easy to explain and understand. This IUI model is emerging in various Microsoft projects, most notably Money 2000. This article provides an introduction to IUI, rather than a firm, comprehensive set of guidelines.

Haven't perused it yet but will comment when I do.

thanks to Ziya on SIGIA

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Microsoft Inductive User Interface Guidelines

If the MS Money interface is where we are going today, I want to stay home. I have used this product for years and still do. But what a pain doing my new years budgeting after the upgrade to the latest. There is a lowest common denominator factor built into this approach. I work best top-down, from big to little. Small (easy to understand) screens are the opposite. They lock you into the trees and the software alone holds the view of the forest. Yuck. I don't like wondering if I took the right turn on screen 4 because I don't have a map of where it will lead to in the end.