Usability, organisation: key to site-visitor satisfaction

ZDNet Australia has an article that discusses the importance of information organization and supporting your users' ability to find the information they need to complete their task.

    While good performance is essential, there’s a growing contention in the industry that other factors may also play significant roles when it comes to customer satisfaction, retention, and spending. Specifically, current research shows that users will often abandon sites if the site's organisation makes it difficult for users to find what they need.

The article cites Jared Spool of UIE who says that based on their research, "many times, people simply could not find what they were looking for and that poor site organisation hindered the buying process." It also suggests that user perceptions of your site's performance (speed) may be based on their sucess at acoomplishing the tasks they intended to pursue at your site. Therefore, they suggest that new metrics based on information seeking behaviors should be added to your reporting toolbox.

thanks LucDesk