I just found Haddock.org by trolling through my referrer logs. Haddock is a Web site directory that offers navigation of its site via a menu system that can be viewed in one of three ways: Yahoo, Macintosh, and Haddock. It was nice to see the MacOS X approch (stolen from Jobs' Next OS) to presenting navigation on the Web. Navigating this way, one gets a nice sense of where they are in the site, the hilighting of section names gives you the breadcrumbs to work your way back, and the expansion of links at each level flattens the hierarchy as you dig deeper in to the site. Nice approach. The Haddock version works well too, the names of the sections you took when drilling down are just visually lined up horizontally, and from what I could gather, related sections are also shown in boxes that are visually separated from the main navigation area. An innovative approach, but I think some kind of visual indicator (italics? or an "@" before names of related links?) would make the related links box more understandable. Very refreshing approach, though. By the way, sites are indexed on Haddock when they are submitted via the Haddock discussion group.