Olympics Site Not Medal-Worthy

Wired article with Jakob Neilsen's reaction to the Salt Lake 2002 site.

    If the Salt Lake Olympics website were a student in school, it would be of the Bart Simpson variety: a solid-D underachiever.

    That's the opinion, at least, of Jakob Nielsen, an expert on "Web usability" who held forth Friday on the Olympics site during a media luncheon.

    Interface design guru Jakob Nielsen says the official Salt Lake website has a chilling effect on users. Like many 'capitulating' sites in need of revenue, it places ad dollars ahead of sound design.

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Nielsen is a dink.

Jakob Nielsen has an unfortunate tendency to think that the purpose of any and all websites is to simply "be accessible." In reality, most people, companies, and organizations create in order to promote something (usually themselves) by creating a distinctive and attractive image, something that is often impossible to do when one is busy trying to figure out how to optimize a website for the 0.001% of the audience that might try to use Lynx to view it. I applaud Nielsen for his work on usability, but I abhor his arrogance in condemning every website that has made an attempt to be visually appealing in order to generate revenue or interest.