Ranganathan's facet classification

Been rather involved with a project that involves taxonomies and the concept of extending taxonomy through facet classification came up, so I thought I'd post a few links related to Ranganathan's Colon Classification System and facet classification. For non-LIS folks, Ranganathan is regarded by many as the father of information science. He developed a system for classifying entities by facets (think of the many sides of a diamond) which uses numbers to represent facets of an entity. Each added number is delimited by a colon until a the multi-faceted classification of the entity is built. From Britannica: Colon Classification: system of library organization developed by the Indian librarian S.R. Ranganathan in 1933. It is general rather than specific in nature, and it can create complex or new categories through the use of facets, or colons. The category of dental surgery, for example, symbolized as L 214:4:7, is created by combining the letter L for medicine, the number 214 for teeth, the number 4 for diseases, and the number 7 for surgery. A useful article reviewing the topic of Facet Analysis in the library literature, with a well-selected list of citations: Amanda Maple, Faceted access: A review of the literature. Best reading on this topic is offline in your university library.