AIGA 2001 Annual of Student Projects

18 interaction and interface design projects appear in the 2001 Annual of Student Projects appearing published in AIGA Loop.

thanks Challis Hodge

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I've long been a fan of the Loop website. I think this issue with the 18 student projects is the worst yet. Nothing about these projects (with perhaps 2 exceptions) strikes me as design. Students are either learning how to program Flash or are engaged in navel-gazing personal expression. Fine, but don't call it design education.

See the (very few) posted comments at Loop for more of my feelings about this. I don't know why no one seems to care to leave comments at that site. There's like 10 comments over the last 4 issues.

Hey, I don't always make jud

Hey, I don't always make judgements. I just post them. I love reading derisive comments, though.