Da Vinci Usability's User Centered Design Methodology

Let me get my pedantic nitpicking out of the way first. Anyone who refers to Leonardo Da Vinci as Da Vinci rather than as Leonardo doesn't know their Italian or their art history. Leonardo Da Vinci translates to Leonardo of Vinci (a province in Italy). So when you say, "Da Vinci" you are saying "of Vinci".

That out of the way, Da Vinci Usability is a firm specialiazing in user centered design. They have a process/methodology statement that illustrates steps in doing user-centered design.

    The Da Vinci Usability User Centered Design methodology is a process for incorporating usability engineering into the systems and web site design process. Usability engineering, also known as usability, is the process of making systems easy to use, and ensuring that they meet the needs of their users.

thanks, LucDesk