The Information Architecture of Liberty, London

Here's a cool article on city of sound comparing the organization of store products to information architecture. Talks about organizing products based on user behavior rather than on brand.

    Amidst all their usual fabulous porn, Wallpaper* have a good piece on the in-store layout at the Liberty clothes store in London; specifically their switch of 'information architecture' (though they don't use that term) away from organising around brands towards organising into trends. It's based on the notion that people are more comfortable mixing and matching brands to form a look - Top Shop with Prada, say; that trends shift rapidly; and that brands increasingly have their own shops. It also enables Liberty to introduce new items/brands to customers. So, essentially, the store has observed user behaviour, noted high levels of interaction within trend, choosing their own style rather than a brand's imposition of a single unified look. Not so much a separation of content from presentation; rather a separation of trend from brand.

thanks, blackbelt jones

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