Is Weblog Technology Here to Stay or Just Another Fad?

That's what the NY Times wants to know. The Times' article is only vaguely interesting because they discuss the possibility of porting applications like Pyra's Blogger to corporations for internal use and to portal applications.

    But is this a truly new media species, with the power to command the attention of big Internet media companies? Or is it simply that in this, the Internet's fallow period, anything even remotely buzzworthy is given more of a spotlight than it deserves. Is the Weblog, in other words, a fad that is destined to fade?


    As the popularity of Weblogs grows, companies hoping to make money from the medium are finding opportunities selling the supporting technology to consumers and if all goes as planned portals that would do the same.

Sounds like the klogs idea that people like Doug Kaye are evangelizing for knowledge management.