Blogging and Googling

Matt Jones discusses a new practice that ScottAndrew is using on his blog. Below each post, he has a link to search Google on the topic that his blog entry is about.

It's a really interesting idea. Read more about the concept at Matt's site. I'm thinking I might do something similar with Drupal using titles or the classification terms (when version 4 is released).

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I have been doing something similar...

I've been doing something similar at my site as well.

After reading an article about mini-icons posted at iaslash, and making a comment at elegent hack about indicating link type with a prefix (pdf), (zip) that kind of thing. I hacked my copy of movable type to help me easily incorporate both into my site posts.

Have a look see at one in action (I use daypop for recent news items, and will use google for broad topic based searches)

And I briefly touch on what I did over here.

Its not where I want it yet, but its a start.

Nice, James.

Nice, James. The qbullets look cool too.