Knowledge, Information, Content - or just Data

This article on IT Director offers some so-called "analysis" about data, content, information and knowledge and their places within IT systems for content management. Unfortunately, the analyst gets definitions about these terms wrong. Any understanding about what a CMS can do really hinges on your understanding of these terms. Seems rather important to be able to define these terms if you're going to assess a CMS.

One of the readers offers some worthwhile definitions of KM in the following comment.

    Knowledge is taking the data and applying the experience of the individual to it. Without experience, Knowledge captured is simply information. What was knowledge to one individual when codified is simply information that the next individual can use. When they apply this information to accomplish something they integrate this into their own understnad [sic] and it is stored as knowledge in the individual. Knowledge management should be involved in how do we extract information from people so that they can use it to build their own knowledge. -Ivan Labombarbe