Flash 6 and usability

According to this News.com article, Macromedia Flash 6 will help developers create more than just eye candy.

    Much of Macromedia's case for the new Flash centers on usability--that Web pages and applications designed entirely in Flash will load faster, work more reliably and make it easier for customers to transact business.

    For example, it's intended to eliminate page refreshes. Users will be able to continue to browse a site even while the Web page processes credit card information and other data.

    "We've seen tremendous growth of the Web over the last four years, but it's largely content," said Kevin Lynch, Macromedia's chief software architect. "A small percentage is applications right now, and the usability of those is not that great. You try to book a reservation or get information on a stock, and you have to go through these multiple pages. It's crazy how difficult that is. You make a mistake, and you get put back to one of those forms with the asterisks (that say) 'fill this in.'

    "We think that experience could be far easier," Lynch said. "We think with Flash, developers can build sites so that we can go from browsing to actually using the Web to get things done."

thanks, SIGIA