Prototype as consumer marketing tool

Danger's new hiptop mobile communicator demo (flash 4, ~1mb) uses [apparently] mocked up screens to walk through different usage scenarios.

The scenarios flow quite well, with just a few glitches (like the full laptop screen photo produced by the camera accessory). At the same time, I've worked with clients who just don't make the leap between lo-fi prototype to final product...can a low fidelity mockup translate into consumer understanding of the experience? How well does it work as a marketing tool, instead of a feedback/conceptual tool?

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Those prototype screens

Jess, those screens seem pretty hi-fidelity considering that they're for a PDA/Mobile phone device. I think the demo they give does a pretty good job of helping me understand what I could do with their product.

Are you saying that they should have done lower fidelity prototypes for the consumer demo? Not sure I understand your questions.

Low-fidelity = = non-interactive

Understanding the interaction with the device from static screens is something I wonder about. Yes, they are relatively high-fi in that they represent what the screen looks like, but I'm not sure about the "slide show" interaction...

And I'm just interested in prototype as marketing tool, instead of feedback tool...