Kiosks 21: A new role for information kiosks?

Slack, Frances; Rowley, Jennifer. International Journal of Information Management, v22n1, Feb 2002, p67-83.

    This paper discusses and analyzes the latest generation of information kiosks, Kiosks 21, which feature information provision/promotion, interaction, transaction, and relationships. In contrast to their task based predecessors, theses kiosks focus on customer service delivery to customers in context. Five studies of such kiosks located in an airport, railway station, car rental base, hotel lobby, and shopping mall are analyzed to demonstrate the way which the kiosks are implemented to meet the differing requirements of customers in different contexts. They are analyzed in terms of kiosk design and location, user profile, information architecture, interface design, communication, and commerce. A range of areas for R&D are proposed.

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