Summit musings

The summit was great. It was good to put some names to faces. I regret that I didn't meet more people. If you missed me, I was the guy carrying around the kid in the buffet bowling alley. I was very pleased to finally meet some people I've been reading and emailing with over the past year: Lou, Christina, Matt, Victor, Jim, Peterme, good Peter, JJG, Andrew, Jeff, Todd, Thomas, George, Madonna Lisa... who'd I forget?

Overall, the sessions were great. I was especially interested in the LISey sessions including Amy Warner's Metadata Schema pres, and Louise Gruenberg's Facet Analysis session. I only regret that I wasn't able to also attend the parallel sessions. Will post links to available session materials as I learn of them.

I hope the trickle of thoughts that come to mind post-summit will make their way onto this site in the coming weeks. -m

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My musings & a request

It was nice to meet the infamous jibbajabba and many, many others.

I was interested mainly in the non-LISey sessions, but I'd like to hear comments on all of the sessions. I'm excitedly twiddling my thumbs as I wait for all of the presentations to be culled and posted. (And don't forget the posters, too! I'm hoping PDF/PPTs of those will be posted too, as there were some great things going on there.)

If you're one of the people who presented and are going to be posting your slides, I have one tiny request -- add Notes to your slides! (Since everyone seemed to use PowerPoint, I'm assuming everyone knows how to get to the notes view.) Sometimes slides are hard to decipher on their own, and adding brief commentary can clarify your point and make your presentation much more useful to those of us who didn't get the chance to hear it in person. I know it's a bit more work (on top of what you had to do to prepare the presentation), but it is a big benefit to the community.