Pushless IA?

Lou Rosenfeld talks about the advantage of pushing content to users using email.

    As we all know, exactly 96.7% of the information architecture we do is associated with a web site. But you don't have to be a marketing genius to know that push is often as important, maybe more so, than pull. And that email is the killer push application that just about everyone already uses.

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we don't need rosenfield nor nielson to tell us that pushing content via email is useful and necessary. NO SHIT!

writing the email is more than just words

Something not explicitly noted, beyond the peripheral mention of the belling-the-cat problem of actually getting the email contents written, is that there are good ways and bad ways of organising the content within an email, even a plain text email.

I've garnered a few gift vouchers from various online retailers by presenting them with muchly improved versions of their newsletters. Sometimes its just a simple matter of adding in some white space and some separators. No new content, no new blurbs, no editorial thinking - just re-arranging the blocks of text.

Now, since it is different from how text is arranged in a web page, being more self contained, this does mean that a whole new swag of skills, knowledge, and experience needs to be brought into play. This means yet more resources, time management, blah blah blah. No wonder it seems daunting.